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the dog, for my friend, to school, in England. "Which countries are best at English as a second language?". Subjectauxiliary inversion is used in many constructions, including focus, negation, and interrogative constructions. Relative clauses can be introduced by the pronouns who, whose, whom and which as well as by that (which can also be omitted.) In contrast to many other Germanic languages there is no major differences between word order in main and subordinate clauses. Great Britain that later took their name,. "Chapter 2: The Old English Language".

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Most standard varieties are affected by the Great Vowel Shift, which changed the pronunciation of long vowels, but a few dialects have slightly different results. English as a Global Language (2nd.). Within the United Kingdom, the Received Pronunciation (RP an educated dialect of South East England, is traditionally used as the broadcast standard and is considered the most prestigious of the British dialects. 59 Some changes, such as the use of do-support have become universalised. Vocabulary See also: Foreign language influences in English English is a rich language in terms of vocabulary, containing more synonyms than any other language.

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In Aarts, Bas; McMahon, April (eds.). Fischer, Olga; van der Wurff, Wim (2006). The great majority of literary works in Old English that survive to today are written in the Roman alphabet. "Estuary English Q and A - JCW". Australian and New Zealand English stand out for their innovative vowels: many short vowels are fronted or raised, whereas many long vowels have diphthongised. Words of Old Norse origin have entered the English language primarily from the contact between Old Norse and Old English during colonisation of eastern and northern England. Pie chart showing the percentage of native English speakers living in "inner circle" English-speaking countries. English speakers are called "Anglophones". For example, in the phrases the slender boy, and many slender girls, the adjective slender does not change form to agree with either the number or gender of the noun.

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While grammarians such as Henry Sweet and Otto Jespersen noted that the English cases did not correspond to the traditional Latin based system, some contemporary grammars, for example Huddleston Pullum (2002), retain traditional labels for the cases, calling them nominative and accusative cases respectively. Archived from the original on Retrieved Blench,.; Spriggs, Matthew (1999). West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and eventually became a global lingua franca. Further complications have arisen through sound changes with which the orthography has not kept pace. The consonants that may appear together in onsets or codas are restricted, as is the order in which they may appear. Auxiliary verbs such as have and be are paired with verbs in the infinitive, past, or progressive forms. It is the most widely spoken Germanic language, accounting for at least 70 of speakers of this Indo-European branch. Middle English began in the late 11th century with the. Modern English, sometimes described as the first global lingua franca, is also regarded as the first world language. In Ammon, Ulrich.; Dittmar, Norbert; Mattheier, Klaus.;. Although in most countries English is not an official language, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language. These situations have prompted proposals for spelling reform in English. English Accents and Dialects (3rd.). Doi :.1016/B /02189-1.